Things don't suck anymore, time to draw stuff again, that is all.

Hopefully soon I'll be making more of a showing in terms of art posting.  Right now I'm waiting to see if I get a new apartment or if I'm about to have nowhere to live.  I'm reasonably stressed for that reason and so haven't been doing much in terms of presentable art.  Nrrvember will continue when it can regardless of the month, November can go suck a lemon and all that.  I'm just making an update more for myself than anything because I don't want to be one of those artists that posts just a couple things and then quietly crawls back into their hole in defeat and dies in obscurity.  I want to be out in the open with my head heald high when I die in obscurity.  So there ya go, news you can use...for your gerbil to shit on.

I'm gonna try and stream all the time

2016-11-02 04:43:06 by BoNrr

Especially right now!  Come make fun of me or whatever, I'm making a new profile picture.  I'm gonna try and always be streaming whenever I possibly can, especially with all this Nrrvember buzz going around, so popular.  Apologies if this is considered driving traffic off the site, but hey, you can see what I streamed back on the site

say hello

November is almost here, and I'm gonna do 30 arts.  I may not submit them all to the portal because they probably wont be the best I can ever do, but I'll at least post them as sketches.  If anyone has any requests, just anything they want to see for whatever reason, I'm gonna be doing art regardless, so let me know and I may give whatever you want a shot.  I want to be pretty laid back about this whole thing, so just let me know, I'm relatively open to trying anything.  Drawing what other people want has been a more fun experience anyway.

I think I want to try something

2016-10-21 00:24:27 by BoNrr

So there's a lot of artists that produce a lot of great art on a regular basis.  They typically have a pretty distinct style and are exceptional artists.  I don't know if I want to be that, because I don't like the thought of developing a style before I'm some kinda genius type what can do anything.  But, at the same time I don't know if I don't want to be that, so I think what I'm gonna do is kind of like an inktober challenge for myself in November.  Starting next month I want to post a piece of good quality art (probably sexual in nature because that's what I want to do) every day for the whole of November.  I will use every cheap trick I have and there will likely be the same characters, maybe some fan art stuff, and whatever else I feel like.  For an entire month I'm not going to focus on trying to learn more about art, I'm going to focus on seeing what I have learned as an artist.  Also I'm calling it Nrrvember.  This is going to pan out horribly.