Still gonna do Nrrvember, I'm pumped!

2016-10-30 05:52:58 by BoNrr

November is almost here, and I'm gonna do 30 arts.  I may not submit them all to the portal because they probably wont be the best I can ever do, but I'll at least post them as sketches.  If anyone has any requests, just anything they want to see for whatever reason, I'm gonna be doing art regardless, so let me know and I may give whatever you want a shot.  I want to be pretty laid back about this whole thing, so just let me know, I'm relatively open to trying anything.  Drawing what other people want has been a more fun experience anyway.


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2016-10-30 08:47:25

Huh, is that a themed thing like Inktober or is it just whatever?

Either way, your piece of whatsisface's monster girl has been my favourite of your work yet. You should do more colourful stuff!

BoNrr responds:

Nah, it's not any kind of theme, it's basically just a confidence building exercise because I spend way too much time studying drawing and not enough time actually just drawing. It's just a way to give myself an arbitrary deadline so I have to pick something and go with it, thus keeping me from psyching myself out and taking forever. The "Nrrvember" bit is just so I can hashtag it on twitter so I'll have an easy way to look back on it.

Also thanks for the cheers on that picture I did. I'll probably be doing what I did color wise a lot over November, so it's good to know that the look of it doesn't suck, haha.